We collect and publish reviews using an online review platform which is incorporated into the pages for each product on our website. Any person can leave comments and feedback and choose a rating of 0 to 5 stars. The displayed 5-star rating is an average of all ratings received.

We do not verify that reviews have been submitted by customers who have actually used or purchased the product. However, reviewers must confirm their agreement to our review platform’s terms and conditions, which include the requirement that reviewers are only allowed to submit a review if they have had a personal experience with our products or services. Those terms and conditions also state that reviewers should not submit a review if they are yet to make a purchase or have no experience with the specific product or service or with Skechers. 

We publish both positive and negative reviews on each product page. However, we have the ability to moderate and filter reviews before publication, including to remove reviews which breach our review platform’s terms and conditions or are not relevant or related to that particular product. 

Anyone can flag a review on the following grounds: profanity, wrong product, spam, duplicate, copyright violation, not a product review, customer image, or on other grounds. Flagged reviews are considered for removal.  

We do not commission fake reviews, or manipulate or alter existing reviews, or incentivize reviewers to post positive reviews. 

We do not publish reviews that have been sponsored or influenced by a contractual relationship with partners.